Mark's Early Art Years

Horror Sketch Book Diary, 1988 . . .

I took the drawings out of sequence to show the best of them. The story is about a guy who's never drawn before, draws bad art, and in the end, sells his soul to the devil and draws twisted bad/okay art . . . all provided by me, of course.

Along the way, he goes to a shrink and I think he got tired of the shrink and killed him. I'm really not sure though. All I know is that after looking at this 24 years later, I can tell that I really didn't have much love for school. I'm sure my subject matter would have been different had I had a better time with the dreaded high school years. At least I got some cool drawings out of it.
Some assorted Hell Scapes

Portrait of the Artist blown to bits

Drinking and Driving do not mix
This is one of my favorites, because honestly, it scares the crap out of me. Even at 17, I knew that nuclear war was the game of psychotic children.

The protagonist visits a shrink.
Looks like the treatment wasn't working.
Cartoons are like clowns after a while. Too damn creepy.
Murder, it's always so damn messy!
The Devil was not pleased with his commissioned work by the artist. Where were the pretty trees and the rainbows and unicorns?

In the end, the artist spends hell in an H R Giger kind of world. Not to bad a judgment really, life in a stylized torment littered with perversion. Honestly, how bad is that?

To end this disturbing cavalcade I have added something more tame and not from the Horror Diary.  In 1993, I drew Winona Ryder from a Premiere Magazine promotional photo shoot for Bram Stokers Dracula. Looks nothing like her, but I dig the look.

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